This is a tutorial on how to connect to FileZilla or WINSCP to add files to your FXServer Host.


How To Connect Using WINSCP:

  1. Install WINSCP client on your computer
  2. Under the FTP info you will see Launch SFTP
  3. Click the Launch SFTP button and it should automatically log into your FTP on WINSCP
  4. It might ask for your FTP password, if so it is your RocketNode Panel password.

How To Connect Using FileZilla:

  1. Install FileZilla client on your computer
  2. Under the FTP info you will see the FTP hostname and password.
  3. Navigate to FileZilla, and on the top left of FileZilla click File
  4. Now click Site Manager and click New Site
  5. Change the protocol to SFTP
  6. Put the panel server address without the port in the Host field (ex.
  7. In the port field type 2022
  8. In the user field type your username which is also in the settings category
  9. In the password field type your panel password, the same panel you use to login to the online panel
  10. Now click connect, and you will be in your RocketNode files


After completing the following steps, you will be able to connect to your FTP.
We Highly Recommend Editing Text Files On The Online File Manager
We Do Not Recommend Adding Files On The Online File Manager 

If you require any additional support join our support discord at

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