Problems with your FiveM Server not showing on direct connect with our VPS? You will have to port forward your firewall.


Instructions are below: First, open Control Panel and navigate to System & Security. Then, open Windows Firewall. In the left-hand menu, click “Advanced settings”.

  1. The Advanced Security panel will appear. In the left-hand menu, there are two types of rules:
  2. Inbound Rules: Rules that deny or allow traffic coming into the server from outside.

Outbound Rules: Rules that deny or allow traffic going out to the network from the server.

  • It is often useful to create both an inbound rule and an outbound rule for your application’s port. Repeat the following steps 2 times, once for Inbound, and once for Outbound. First, right-click “Inbound Rules” and select “New Rule…”
  • Select Port then press next
  • Select TCP
  • Put the port as what your server.cfg port is going to (Default 30120) then press next
  • Choose allow connection then press next
  • Repeat again but instead select UDP so both ports are open and then go into the Outbound Rules Section and do the same steps again but on that section.

This should fix your problem.

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