• Saturday, March 5, 2022

March Update

Stability And Bug Fixes
 Many major and minor bugs were addressed and fixed, along with server stability and website improvements.
 New Game Panel
 New and improved design with even more modern features all included with your RocketNode game server.
 New VPS System ( COMING SOON )
 We are making the switch to a new virtualization system that is faster, more stable, and easier to use for our customers.
New VPS Templates ( COMING SOON )
 With the new virtualization system we will also be introducing a easy to use VPS with applications and other software pre setup and installed.
RocketGuard 1.3 Update
 Updated software protection along with enhanced security at L7 and OSI attacks.

 We also want to thank all of our users for sticking with us and supporting us. We have some big advancements planned and some giveaways in the works.

-The Rocketnode Team